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Greetings of the Ambassador on the occasion of the groundbreaking ceremony for ELA Container in Russia

30.04.2021 - Rede
Spatenstich der Firma ELA Container
Spatenstich der Firma ELA Container© Deutsche Botschaft Moskau

I am very happy to join you for this groundbreaking ceremony of ELA Container in Russia.

This is a green-field investment in the best sense of the word. The snow has finally melted. And where today there is grass, by next spring a modern production facility will start to produce thousands of tailor-made containers.

Many factors need to be weighed before making such a long-term commitment decision. Is the market potential there? What does the legal environment look like? Will we find a good workforce? In short: there needs to be a convincing business-case.

Good infrastructure – like in this industrial park –, financial incentives for investors, a helpful and responsive regional administration – all that helps in making such a case and in attracting foreign investors, and I thank you and your team, Governor, for your support of ELA Container’s project.

Many German companies have similarly invested in Russia and are an integral part of the Russian economy, often since decades. They produce here, they innovate and they create jobs. That is part of their brand – a sustainable and reliable commitment to a market and country.

This kind of localization we support. Forcing companies to localize on the other hand, setting targets for each-and-every item along the supply chain and sealing off the market – all that may work for a while. But in the end it will not create the conducive atmosphere companies need. And it will not make a good business-case.

Which makes me all the happier, Mr. Albers, to witness ELA Container’s positive outlook and commitment to its business in Russia.

You represent a typical medium-sized and family-run German company, which is highly specialized and highly successful in its segment. Your products – versatile and customized room-modules that have very little to do with standard shipping containers – are well sought after in Russia. You score with good German quality – in future „Made in Russia“. And you are planning to expand further and create more jobs. Maybe you could even offer an internship as part of our current project with the AHK: a „1,000 internships in Russia“.

Our economic ties are an essential part of our relationship and a bridge between our nations and peoples. That bridge becomes the more important, the more difficult the relations are overall. Today’s event helps building and strengthening that bridge a little further – and that is a good thing. I wish ELA Container in Russia success and all the best.

Thank you.

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